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Dillon Rhum Blanc Agricole, Martinique (Litre) 55%

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There are ten varieties of sugar cane used by Dillon. The cane is grown for two years and when harvested the sugar is extracted over a period of 2 to 3 days. Speed is essential. The saying goes “the cane should have its feet in the earth and its head in the mill”. The cane is crushed three times to release the juice by a steam engine driven mill. Water is added and the juice is allowed to ferment- it is again milled to crush the sugar, and fermentation starts. The residue cane is used to fire the boilers that provide the steam. The distillation is a slow process, in columns heated to 65 °C (149 °F), producing an alcohol of 65%. It rests for five months then is reduced and bottled at 50% to 55%.


Dillon Rhum Blanc Agricole, Martinique

% ALC / VOL: 55%

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